TV and film 

30/08/16 BBC Breakfast – talking about women and girls who are Autistic but have not yet got a diagnosis

02/04/16 CRAE film about autism provision in a school in hendon north london

10/11/15 BBC1 My curious Documentary a documentary on the stage production of the curious incident of the dog in the night time

15/05/14 Autism in pink - a documentary + a book

20/05/14 London live (TV) panel discussion about autism

02/04/14 BBC Breakfast Helping raise awareness of Autism

28/06/13 BBC Spotlight talking about Brain In Hand

26/11/13 Rudy Simone reviews my book

22/05/13 BBC world TV Interview

14/02/12 Channel 4 news

FILM Too sane for this world

23/08/11 BBC Breakfast

02/04/11 BBC ITV daybreak autism awareness day