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My name us Robyn , I am Autistic and have worked in Autism for over 10 years , I offer Autism training for professionals , parents , conferences and schools. I am also a honorary research associate at CRAE ( Centre for research in autism and education) UCL ( University College London. I have written 2 books, based on my research offering practical strategies.   . 

 Training and speaking

I provide training for local authorises,care and support providers , schools and parent groups. My training focuses on showing how many different experiences of autism there are and on practical strategies. I also have over 10 years experience of speaking at conferences and events.




  • “Thanks to Robyn. This really helped me in starting to think about the condition, and how I can change my professional practice"
  • "I have been in teaching since 1978 . Your presentation is one of the best I have been to – one of my top 3 and I can’t remember the other 2!! Thank you .  Teacher"

  • "Easy to work with always accommodating and great value for money— Bill Clayton – Thurrock council"

  • "Thank you Robyn I enjoyed your talk and have learned a lot from it— Anon"

  • "Very informative and inspiring . I feel better equipped to support people on the Autism spectrum . Thank you — Social worker"

  • "A really excellent afternoon, frank open dialogue about vulnerabilities surrounding people with ASD. Really excellent strategies that can easily be translated to help non autistic people too especially during transition years, thank you— Super Safe Living Tour Delegate"

  • "Thank you for a very interesting and helpful question + answer session. I have taken a lot of what you said on board— Super Safe Living tour Delegate"
    "Hi Robyn- Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience . Was very informative with practical skills to use.Super Safe Living Tour delegate"

  • "I feel that the training was a good mixture of role play , theory and resources ..."








I work with schools and other organisations to help them include Autistic people, this could be for example developing a scheme of work on sex and relationships,or working with  a arts organisation to improve media portrayals of autism. 


I am often asked to appear in the media , I have been on BBC Breakfast , Radio 4's Today Programme, Channel 4 news, The Sunday times magazine and many more.
I have also had a documentary made about my work.


I speak at school assemblies, as well as running workshops for young people whether they are Autistic or not.This can be running workshops or giving talks.

Books and Publications

In 2013 Jessica Kingsley publishers , published my first book " the independent woman handbook for super safe living on the autistic spectrum" I am in several other books as well as a co author of journal articles , I am a visiting research associate at CRAE ( centre for research in autism and education) at University College London.


Whether it's performing a chilled out Jazzy assembly trumpet solo , or a dancer loud brassy tune for kids at break time to dance too , or a poignant song at a conference . Music has become part of what I do and gives you that extra something at an event.

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