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I use a lot of technology with my trumpet ,its always evolving , and there is no right or wrong way to do this stuff, but I wanted to put up some information about my current set up and how you might go about doing something similar

2019 pedalboard setup featuring eventide mixing link

2019 pedalboard setup featuring eventide mixing link


March 2019 set up

There are lots of ways of playing the trumpet through electronics , there’s no “right” and “wrong way” . Currently I am experimenting using a Bela ( a type of micro computer like a raspberry pi and 2 BBC micro:bits ) but below is what I would take with me to a gig or a rehearsal , but don’t feel that any way is inferior its all about personal preference .

Eventide mixing link  the mixing link is a pre amp and effects loop. Most effect boxes are made for guitars , guitars usually use a jack to jack ( some times called a instrument cable , or 1/8inch ) , Most microphones us XLR ( round with 3 pins or 3 holes)

So if your using a microphone to get into effect pedals you can use a a XLR to jack cable , but personally I feel like this doesn’t give me enough control of how much trumpet ( how loud) I am putting into the pedals , you might be happy with this, but a pre amp allows you to control the input volume and the output into the pedals or if your pre amp has a effects loop the amount of sound into the effects loop ,

This may sound confusing but through experuiamce youll get the hang of it.

An effects loop means the sound comes out of the pre amp goes through the effect pedals and back into the pre amp and then out to an amp or mixing desk, the adavnatgre of this is you can have more control of your output sound and also especially important for longer distances you can output through a XLR cable ( XLR cables can carry sound for long distances without any distortion or degradation because they are “balanced” – you can learn more about that later)

Shure 98 H/C wirless  my current nicrophone of choice is the Shure 98 H/C wirless, I had the wired one before the wirless, but the thing about wirless is it means your not attached the your pedalboard ( and in my case less likely to trip over), lots of people start off using normal voice microphones such as Shure SM58/57 , its important to make sure the bell of your trumpet ( or wherever the sound comes out of your instrument) , square with the microphone this can be hard although people make it work ( like the trumpet player from snarkey puppy) , As you progress and especially if your playing with rock/pop groups a clip on microphone may be better because it will pick up less of the sound around you ,

Be carful to know how to use your pre amp so that your mic volume is pretty low so as not to amplify other sounds around you ,( you can  get volume via the output volume because that is the sound already in the effects pedals)

Pitch shift  for each kind of pedal there are many many different types , theres no wrong or right theres also no wrong or right about the order you put your pedals ,

But at the start of my chain ( effect pedals) I like to have pitch shift , this means I can make deep bass sounds or high squeaky sounds, my favarouite pedal for this is the Behringer ultra harmonist but people like Andy Diagram use the whammy pedal by digitec , and other people use Boss , or the POG or micro pog pedals,

Wah I currently use a Boss AW3 ( auto wah 3), but before this I use a jim Dunlop Wah ( which are very common) I have small feet and I’m not really strong enough to click it on and off with my foot , Wah pedals often boost your signal a bit so you need to be mindful of this and make sure that your output can handle the extra signal ( if its too loud the sound distorts or geedbacksback which sounds like a high picthced squeal , if this happens turn down your input and output and gradually work both up to where you want them ) ,

Boss Delay  I have a boss DD3 ( digital delay 3) which I love as its so simple, delay pedals if yiou set the intestity/feedback too high can also squeal so be sure you have a rought idea how much you can push it

Phaser  Phasers are modulating sound ( Im not a expert in it) but as I understand kit the sound waves are cut , or boosted but unlike the wah this changes I have a digitec phaser it needs a hot ( big sound) signal to really work , but there are many that are lesss fiddley and maybe better if your just getting started

Looper  I couldn’t do what I do without a loop pedal I always have at least one, It allows me to record myself and then add layers on top ( sometimes these layers are called over dubs)

I also have a tremlo peda another picth shifter and another looper in my regular set up


But also this stuff changes overtime this is what I have in march 2019 but by next year it might be different .