Print media

5/12/18 Teelgraph review of 1800 seconds on autism.

23/3/16 Telegraph article

08/01/16 SEN Magazine – a article I wrote based on my stimming survey

05/11/15 Your Autism Magazine – short pecs about the work I did on the production of the gathered leaves

16/06/15 Hereford Times

16/12/13 The telegraph An article I contributed to about famous TV characters and autism

17/10/13 EDP ( Eastern Daily Press) published a short article about my trip to City college Norwich’s RUG room.

26/09/13 Manchester Evening News – A story in the education section about my forthcoming talk at priestnall school

16/09/13 Hackney Gazette a piece about My gig with Mark Tinley at the hundred years gallery

30/08/13 SEN Magazine – an article discussing education around safety for young people with ASD’s.

01/07/13 Exeter express and Echo

01/07/13 Exeter Daily

29/06/13 The western daily news wrote a piece about my talk for brain in hand featured on BBC spotlight

24/06/13 east London and west essex Guardiana short article about making a difference 10. Making a difference is a conference run in Redbridge focusing on Autism. This was their 10th year.

xx/xx/13 The independent wrote a positive review of my documentary knowing me knowing autism

12/11/12 Stella magazine

01/07/12 SEN Magazine

18/03/12 Wandsworth Guardian

17/10/09 The Guardian

16/08/09 Sunday Times magazine

06/09/09 Cambridge evening news

28/08/08 Cambridge evening news wrote a story about my US Trip