30/3/19 Metro UK piece about periods

12/12/18 Drake music asked me to write a piece to celebrate disability music month

13/11/17 Belfast Herald article about my workshop and performance at the oh yeah centre in belfast

01/08/17 BBC online article on a GP’s keeping a register of Autistic people

21/09/16 Spectrum news article on Autistic women

29/03/16 Huffington post

09/12/15 BBC online

26/10/15 Steve silberman recommends my book

04/06/15 Libertine a article on Intimacy and Empathy in Women on the Autism Spectrum,

31/03/13 Standard issue

16/08/15 BBC ouch blod post about less known things about autism

07/05/14 USA toady

31/03/14 Local guardian written by a young reporter who attended one of my talks

29/03.14 The weekly news , an article about Pheobe caldwell’s new book as well as my experience of being on the spectrum

07/03/14 BBC Online I comment on the recent BBC television of the series ” The Bridge” ( the detective is possibly on the spectrum)

22/10/13 EDP online and Norwich Evening Newsa piece about my book launch on friday 18th October

14/10/13 Rose Robbins A blog post written about me and my art

30/09/13 Cass art Blog

01/07/13 Marc AStley Blog Marc is a PR consultant for brain in Hand he heard me speak at Brain in Hands event and wrote this blog about me.

05/06/13 BBC online article about stimming

12/12/12 Ambitious about autism web chat with Dr Will Mandy

18/10/12 The independent blog

10/08/09 BBC Film review of Adam

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