Music performance , tec and workshops

I make music and get paid to do so , I have had commissions from Battersea arts centre ( brewing in battersea) as well as Drake music , I also play at gigs ranging fro large venues like scala and small record shops like sister midnight records in deptford. I also put on a night at acfe OTO called “ Robyn’s Rocket”. I am a Heart N Soul artist which means heart n soul support my development as a artist. I also do performance and workshops in schools and conferences often using music tec

I offer a range of musical services



When I deliver an assembly in schools and colleges I often use music , this is especially effective when working within complex needs and SEN needs schools when I play my trumpet with a harmon mute so that it is quieter and calming. I like to focus my playing on the people in front of me so most of my work is improvisation . when running workshops own schools I often give s concert a break or for some of lunch time. 



Conference organisers book me to provide music at their events, this can range from being a opening or closing performer or bringing everyone back together after lunch or a break.



Over the last couple of years I have been booked by Arts institutions such as Battersea arts centre and Tate Britain , where I have done things such as writing songs , and entertaining visitors, 

Robyn at Tate Britain