April 2017

We made a brainstorm about all the different things that I do. A sort of snapshot of were I was at

May 2017

Richard phonix from heart N soul helped me to register my music with PRS and also register my EP on CD Baby ( A digital distributor).


June 2017

I felt amazingly privllge to spent time with Warren Huart ( ) Phil Allen and Los Rios Rock school’s Tyler Marlof (


July 2017

Andy Diagram ( mixed and mastered my EP it was launched at the mint street festival in south london.

August 2017

Sam castell ward ( , Dean rodney Jnr ( and I did a gig at the Albany theatres cafe


September 2017

6 months into my support with heart n soul we had a meeting , Mark and Rich advised me to get a residency . In the meeting I e-mailed a local venue ( vinyl) I knew about and they said yes!

My residency was called Robyn’s Rocket and me and Andy Diagram’s duo “two horns” had our first gig.


October 2017

Me and Dean Rodney Jnr were invited to speak at the PRS (performing rights association) Talent development partners ( conference.


November 2017

Robyn's rocket happened


December 2017

Achieved my 2017 goal of a gig once a month. Continued learned solfa and created dup with cellist Kathy Hulme (

January 2018

I created a musical installation called “ pedal power” Kathy Hulme and I as “The Hairdressers” gig


February 2018

My duo with Andy Digram “Two Horns” had our first gig , and I was on resonance fm.

March 2018

SXSW - I spoke on a panel about neurodiversity (


April 2018

I got my radio mic


May 2018

“The Hairdressers” had our 2nd gig at cafe OTO supporting the Bitchin Bajas(


June 2018

made some music using a tin whistle and my pedals


July 2018

First performance of “the valves of surplus value) a project by Simon Yorkshire (


August 2018

Tourettes hero ( commissioned me to wrote a piece of music for Battersea Arts Centre.

September 2018

Robyn’s Rocket landed at Cafe OTO


October 2018

worldwide radio with my friend Ben Connors (


November 2018

I played scala ( by the kind invitation of Hackney Colliery band (


December 2018

I played at the Heart N Soul Play Rave at the wellcome


January 2019

I got PRSF ( performing rights society foundation) and Help musicians uk funding to put on 3 robyns rockets at cafe OTO in 2019.

February 2019

Played counterflows festival as the hairdressers with Kathy Hulme in glasgow


March 2019

I played at the Barbican as part of my Drake music commission


April 2019

First Heart N soul at the hub jam which I host and lead monthly


May 2019- Brighton gig

played Spirit of gravity a night in Brighton and got invited back in august to play splitting the atom.

June 2019

started working on a production with theatre company Oily cart ( as a musician )


July 2019

2nd 2019 Robyn’s Rocket ( one in feb ) July edition!