05/12/18 BBC sounds podcast series 1800 seconds on autism

8/10/18 Autism journeys podcast

04/08/17 BBC ouch podcast


30/08/16 BBC 5 live

06/08/16 BBC world service on hidden disability toilet signs

2902/06 TFL radio ad that I feature in ( I am also on some cool posters)

14/08/15 BBC Essex interview

27/03/15 Smoke radio

2014 CCR ( chelmsford community radio) series giving Autistic adults the opportunity to talk about things that are important to them.

19/11/14 BBC Radio 5 live peter aliens show

28/10/14 BBC world service outlook talking bout my school experiences

13/06/14 BBC radio 4 last word on the death of Autism pioneer Lorna Wing

25/04/14 BBC Radio 2 Jeremy vine show

09/01/14 Autism matters podcast A podcast published by sage along with the Autism journal, This podcast has a discussion between myself and Dr Judith Gould, about women and girls on the spectrum as well as safety.

Radio polski ran a news piece on women on the spectrum

26/08/13 BBC Woman’s and Mens hour.

27/07/13 BBC Asian Network 10 o’clock news. I was asked to comment on a story about Jcole and Drake who released a song with negative lyrics about Autism there was a subsequent backlash from the Autism community and Jcole and Drake apologized, the lyrics have been removed from future sales of the record.

12/07/13 BBC Ouch podcast

22/05/13 BBC world service interview on specialist employment).

12/05/13 BBC pick of the week feature on My radio 4 documentary

09/05/13 BBC Radio 4 knowing me knowing autism

30/04/13 BBC London radio interview

03/08/12 BBC Radio 4 Today Programme

02/04/12 BBC world service

13/09/12 BBC Radio 4 Philosopher’s arms

10/08/09 BBC OUCH podcast

24/02/09 BBC Radio 4’s woman’s hour