Robyn Steward

Young people

Robyn Steward works with young people from year 2 upwards , Robyn provides workshops and talks.

I run a wide variety of workshops for young people, Below are some examples.

Meeting a Autistic adult for the first time.

Schools have found it helpful for me to meet with their Autistic pupils in small groups , or with myself and a teacher ( or familiar adult) , for many this is the first time they have met an adult who is open about being Autistic , this can be a enriching experience for the young person and their family.


What is Autism ?)for non autistic and autistic pupils)

From year 2 upwards I have worked with groups of children to explore what Autism is and how we can all help one another to be better class mates and better freinds


Whole or part school Assemblies

lively or laid back ( depending on your setting ) assembly about my life experiences and what made school difficult for me and what helped me and what may help others.


Living your dreams

This workshop is for all children from year 4 up , this workshop focuses on a true story of overcoming difficulties and encourages empathy amongst the group as well as building aspirations and strategies to overcome problems as they arise.


Music session for pre school , lower school and children with complex needs.


For children unable to access main school assemblies I am happy to come to their classroom and perform to them, I play trumpet with a Harmon mute very gently and not too loudly , it is soothing and calming and a great opportunity to offer a personalised positive new experience .