I love working with young people both on and off the autism spectrum. I have spoken in schools all over the worldI have also taught classes learning about autism, how to live life as a young autistic adult and music workshops , you can always combine this with a talks/training to staff ( so it can come out of the staff training budget) please get in touch if this is something you are interested in.please e-mail me if you have any questions robyn@robynsteward.com

5 things to know about autism

a simple presentation that can be taught as a class/group or presented in a seemly to help young people on and off the autism spectrum learn about autism for the first time ( this is particularly good if you have children in your school who do not know they are autistic)

Live your dreams

This is a assembly or group talk which tells my story of going to america for the first time, the problems I faced because I am autistic and how I overcame them.

Relaxed concert

when I go into a school I always try to find time to do a relaxed concert , this could range from going out into the playground or sat in a classroom kids can come an ego as they please , dance, sit,stand ,lay down etc I think it’s really good for kids to see a autistic adult use their interest in their job but also many kids would find the trumpet too loud I use a harmen mute ( the silver thing you sometimes see at the end of trumpets) to soften the sound a bit like miles davis

Robyn’s life

does what it says on the tin , have me give a assembly as part of your disability . diversity. autism week , giving kids the opportunity to meet someone with 10 disabilities and ask questions in a safe environment

this session also includes music

Sound Sandwiches

This session gives young people the opportunity to try making sound sandwiches ( looping) this is fun and can be delivered to any group regardless of age or ability.

Tips and tools for everyday life.

This session can be tailored for the students interests / needs this session aims to give young people tools and strategies for becoming more independent it can be really powerful for them to meet a autistic adult ( sometimes for the first time).


sometimes young people submit questions beforehand and sometimes it’s just done in the room.This session is always enlighten and interesting.

I am proud of who I am

a session helping young autistic people understand what autism means to them and feeling proud of who they are.



It can be difficult to talk about periods to young people but I’m happy to do it and have lots of tools to help them understand what happens when and how. this can be delivered at a range of ages,

young people told me as I did the research for my the autism friendly guide to periods that they learnt about periods and sex at the same time but they wanted more information on periods then sex, so this is why I developed this session to compliment your year 5 + PSHE lessons

Help my emotions are too big!

This session is for young people who find their emotions to big it gives them lots of strategies and insights and can be focused on a particular emotion if needed.