Robyn Steward

Social care providers ( local authorites , children and adult services)

Robyn steward not only has personal experience of autism but she has also worked with Autitsic individuals and their families, Robyn has worked with many care providers , services and local authorities to help them better understand Autism. 

I have many years experience providing autism training for social care providers , whether they are a local authority as a whole, social care department or organisation providing care server vices, I have worked with learning disability , complex needs , short breaks , access, assessment teams.

Autism awarness

A one day autism  course which provides a overview of Autiusm, including some of the academic thinking , autistic community perspective , historical context and practical everyday strategies, giving you a solid base from which too do other autism courses and learning.

Personal perspective 

What is it like to be Autistic ? Everyone is different however Robyn offers get experience both as a Autistic adult but also as a professional with over 10 years experience of working with Autistic people, as well as providing solutions which work for many Autistic people.


Transition is sometimes only discussed between schools or placements , however people transition between activities, rooms settings and mental states, this course looks at identifying probkamtic transitions for people you are working with and building strategies which can support people to get more out of life.

Super Safe Living

This course aims at highlighting the areas of potential risk for many Autistic people, and offers tools which can be helpful for Autistic people

This course aims to help delegates understand what sensory issues can be for Autistic people, both as a benefit and as a issue which needs due regard when planning a persons service access.

Sensory Issues

Communication can be very difficult for Autistic people, however there are many strategies that can greatly benefit the understanding of different types of communication and make it easier to communicate iwthb others around the,m.


Theory of mind is the ability to understand another persons perspective or point of view , or guess what they might do next , it can often be very difficult for Autistic people, and sometimes their theory of mind development does not match up to their age , in this course we focus on understanding what theory of mind difficulties can look like in prsacticakl terms and ways of overcoming them.

Theory of Mind

Having worked with local authorities a need arose for a course that was designed for staff supporting Autistic adults who do not have learning disabilities. This course gives a overview of Autism with a emphasis on what the differences in life experience may be for Autistic adults , how they may of come to get a diagnosis , and what support they may need.

Working with adults without learning disabilities.