Robyn Steward

Training for Further education

Robyn Steward provides training for post 16 education providers whether they area  further education college of 6th form, the training is practical she can deliver for staff as well as students on a range of topics including autism wariness, communication and teaching strategies. 

I provide autism awareness talks for students as well as staff . I provide practice based approaches for supporting Autistic students. You can book a half day training full day training .. You can also mix and match audiences and topics , please get in touch so I can create bespoke training for your college or sixth form.

Autism awarness

Tif you are new to autism or want to refresh your knowledge on autism, this is the course for you..The course highlights areas of difficulty and ability that autistic people can have. We also look at communication , sensory and behaviour and make sure that people take away practical tools they can use right away.

College from a person not just a textbook.

College was a transformative experience for me, and can offer a valid alternatives for many Autistic people who may find the stress and a anxiety around exams problematic, and be better in a more vocational enviroment . Some people may also be able to access funding to be able to travel to a college with specialist provision for Autistic students.

Super Safe Living 

College can mean greater Independence  and in sometimes greater expectations for doing things on your own, this can be a difficult adjustment for Autistic people and require learning a lot of new skills. In this course we explore where the greater risks for Autistic people vs non Autistic people might be , such as theory of mind ( understanding peoples perspective, motives) and how these relate to everyday situations such as friendships, work placements and managing money etc.

Transition is often just thought about into a new setting , however we transition between activities, sensory environments and metal states throughout a day , going to college can mean greater more varied transitions , this course allows delegates to explore what transitions learners go through and what strategies can be used to help .

Transition happens all day

This workshop is specifically for settings that have students / learners who have diffcility with theory of mind but want to become independent , we explore what theory of mind is , and what can be done to equip students with ways of dealing with everyday situations.