Robyn Steward

Training for Adult Services

Autism from a person not just a textbook

Autism awarness

This course can be used as a refresher or as a start to a persons learning around Autism. it highlights what the areas of difficulty and ability can be for autistic people, communication , sensory and behaviour strategies are discussed. This course is practical and will give staff tools which can be implemented right away.

working with Autistic adults without learning disabillites

This course aims to support staff who are working in community based services whether that be support housing or a 121 support role. This course aims to give a overview of what it means to bed Autistic and no have a learning disability , how this can impact on others perceptions,s, accessing services, areas of difficulty and ability and what practical steps people can put i place to support Autistic people.


As a person becomes an adult often they are granted more independence , and often greater expectations are placed upon them to manage their safety , which encompasses money , using the internet , friendships and sexual and romantic relationships. this course gives space to discuss these issues and provides strategies and ways of going forward.

Sensory experiances