Robyn Steward

Training for schools

Robyn Steward offers training for schools both primary and secondary as well as special schools, Robyn can be booked to deliver whole school assemblies as well as workshops for staff and parents ranging from autism awareness to spercific issues such as sensory issues.

Autism Training I deliver is adapted for your school and setting. Schools often ask me to speak at their assembly , parent talk and then staff training at the end of the day  (often) inviting staff from other local schools to spread the cost. I have worked with special schools, middle schools, secondary/high schools , further education colleges and universities, as well as Pupil referral units, all who have autistic pupils.

Autism awarness

A one day course which provides a overview of Autiusm, including some of the academic thinking , autistic community perspective , historical context and practical everyday strategies, giving you a solid base from which too do other autism courses and learning.

Personal perspective 

What is it like to go to school and have multiple disabilities ? What can the world be lie if you are Autistic , this talk gives you the opportunity to hear first hand the experiences of a Autistic person , who can explain their experience but also give a contrast of other possible experiences, this talk can focus at any stage of education or overview. This can be a good way to start a inset / training day, and help star realise the effort they put in is worthwhile.


Transition is a key topic for providing support to Autistic learners, transition is often only thought of between classes, years or schools, however transitions happen everyday all day , between mental states, contexts , social expectations and sensory environment , this course aims to help you understand possible issues and practical strategies to overcome them

Super Safe Living

This course is about safety , looking at friendships , sex and emotions, there is the option of extending this course to encompass work and skills, money management and online safetyu

Sensory issues can be problematic and helpful for Autistic people,during this course we will explore the different sensory experiences autistic people can have , sensory differences can be positive but sometimes problematic. 

Sensory Issues

Communication can be very difficult for Autistic people and those who support them.  However there are many tools that can benefit autistic people.  The understanding of different types of communication can make it easier to communicate with others around them.


Theory of mind is the ability to understand another persons perspective or point of view , or guess what they might do next , it can often be very difficult for Autistic people, and sometimes their theory of mind development does not match up to their age or intellectual ability , in this course we focus on understanding what theory of mind in and how this relates to Autistic people.

Theory of Mind

This course can be delivered to mixed groups of staff or particular groups e.g teachers , TA's etc it is a chance to gain new strategies, refresh and perhaps think of different approaches for individual autistic people that you support .

Top 10 strategies