I have spoken at conferences all over the world. I am not phased by speaking to over 1000 people or speaking to just 2 people, sometimes people book me as a keynote /plenary speaker and other times they book me to do a workshop or talk as part of a conference, many people but me on after lunch as I wake everyone up

Speaking is a bit different to training ( I do both) I would say Training is when you help people to actively changed their way of thinking or doing something and they come away with skills they can use in their jobs.

But speaking is when your addressing a whole room of people and sharing a experience or a particular area of knowledge where the goal is just telling people about it and they can take it or leave it.

I have spoken at conferences all over the world on autism, I have also spoken in school assemblies, parent groups and many other places I can offer you a talk that is funny , inspiring and factual.

I only do half or full day bookings so often people book me to say do a assembly , workshop with some people , then do a talk to teachers and parents after school

“loved it very helpful …please come to my school” conference delegate

please also have a look at the training for professionals page



It can sometimes be really demoralising working in the current education/care systems this talk shares my life experiences and helps restore you passion and emphasis that your small difference can equate to a big difference in a person’s life.



I have been asked to talk about music


Many people find it hard to discuss periods I’ve done some research on it and have ;lots of things to show you


I am often asked to talk about the research I am doing

Conquering emotions

sometimes behaviour can be hard to manage but behaviour comes from somewhere generally emotions so this talk discusses how emotions impact on behaviour so that you can a in depth knowledge of causation rather then just sticking plasters

Top 10

Tips and tools to give you better ways of working with autistic people

My journey may be different but that’s ok

sometimes it is hard for people whether they are parents or teachers or care professionals to know who someone who may seem so different to themselves can survive and thrive in the non autistic world, there is no need for autistic people to try and act as non autistic people 24/7 they can be themselves and it’s ok