There are loads of products and services which are sold as being helpful for autistic people. Below are some of the ones that can be helpful. It is also possiblre to make many of these things at home , think of this page as more of a ideas page


Ear defenders

dependent on the ear plugs you can wear ear plus and ear defends at the same time ( and people who are sensitive sound will still be able to hear you).

the amount of sound reduction is measured in decibels( written - db the - is because they are cutting/shielding you from that many decibels often written db)

3m are a trusted manufacturer of ear defends used in industries like construction you can get up to about -35db screwfix and tool station are good sources

Types of ear plugs

Ear plugs come in many different kinds, theres the foam disposable ones , the moulded ones ( these can either be moulded by hand of made specifically for your ears) , there are different shapes and sizes, a music shop may be the best place to look at ear plugs , I would recommend trying a few my personal preference is the vic frith blue ear plugs.


Desk partitions

If you are someone who can become easily distracted by whats going on around you , a desk partition can be very helpful, sometimes these are just 3 sides of cardboard that can be put on someones desk, or it may be something more elaborate . there are multi use ones which can be used to divide a desk ( as you would playing battleships)/.

wrist band

I love these wristbands one side is green and says ok to talk flip it over to the red side for “leave me alone”