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Robyn Steward has appeared regularly in the media , appearing on flagship news programmes such as BBC 1's Breakfast as well as Channel 4' news , radio BBC Radio4 Today programme, and online. including her huffington post blog , Robyn speaks about personal experiences of being Autistic , autism is general , asperger's, as well as comment on some research /


I am in the process of adding my media appearances to date please be patient

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21/09/16 Spectrum news on women and girls

30/08/16 BBC 5 live your call– call in chat show about autism  and diagnosis

30/08/16 BBC Breakfast  – talking about women and girls who are Autistic but have not yet got a diagnosis

30/08/16 BBC 5 live breakfast – talking to Nicky camel and the need for better awareness of women and girls who are autistic but have yet to get a diagnosis ( on around 1 hr 26 minutes into the programme)

06/08/16 BBC World service news – talking about ASDA’s hidden disability accessible toilets sign

02/04/16 CRAE Film I presented a film on sensory sensitivities , I interviewed young people at HARP ( Hendon autism resourced provision), which is part of the Hendon school n North london.

29/03/16 Huffington post UK I was asked to write a blog post about the perspective of a autistic woman.

22.03.16 The daily telegraph I was interviewed about Autistica’s report on early deaths in autism.

29/02/16 TFL radio ad  I was featured on TFL radio ad and on a poster around the TFL network ( e.g tube  stations)

08/01/16 SEN Magazine – a article I wrote based on my stimming survey.

09/12/15 BBC online women on the Autism spectrum

10/11/15 BBC1 My curious Documentary a documentary on the stage production of the curious incident of the dog in the night time

05/11/15 Your Autism Magazine – short pecs about the work I did on the production of the gathered leaves

26/10/15 Read Brightly Steve Silberman recommends my book

14/08/15 BBC Essex talking about Autism

16/06/15 Hereford Times a short piece about some training I did for staff at Hereford 6th form college.

4/06/15 Libertine a article on Intimacy and Empathy in Women on the Autism Spectrum,

02/04/15 The debrief IMPORTANT:when you read this article please note : what I actually said was that (in 2011) there wasn’t information about the emotional side of sex and there was information about the biology of sex (e.g Lynn Moxanne, Sarah Attwood etc) and that there are some people doing something about it, journalists do not always write exactly what the interviewee says,

31/03/15 Standard Issue A interview about my experiences of being on the autism spectrum

27/03/15 Smoke radio featured autism awareness week

jan 2015-ongoing CCR Autism matters interviews with people on the autism spectrum for a community radio station, freely available to listen to after broadcast

19/11/14 BBC 5 live peter allen’s show  I was interviewed at around 35 minutes in the programme, about a lady who has locked herself in a glass box for 100 hours in Tecos to raise autism awareness, Hayley is a checkout chaser and saw a parent struggling with the perceptions of other shoppers so wanted to do something to raise awareness.

28/10/14 BBC Outlook I spoke about my school experiences

16/08/14 BBC Ouch Blog on lesser known things about Asperger ‘s

24.10/14 Citzen Autistic a documentry on autism politics by William Davenport
18/07/14 BBC Radio Leeds in response to a story of a man on the autism spectrum looking for love.
13/06/14 last word BBC radio 4’s obituary programme .

15/05/14 Autism in Pink was a research project run in 4 EU countries, to learn bout how women on the spectrum experience the world, there have been some resources produced including a film and ebook both of which I have contributed too.

20/05/14 London Live. 
discussing Autism with Carol povey and presenter Alex Beard.

07/05/14 USA Today college article on Autism

25/04/14 BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine on relationships and Autism

02/04/14 BBC Breakfast Helping raise awareness of Autism

31/03/14 Local guardian written by a young reporter who attended one of my talks

29/03.14 The weekly news , an article about Pheobe caldwell’s new book as well as my experience of being on the spectrum

07/03/14 BBC Online I comment on the recent BBC television of the series ” The Bridge” ( the detective is possibly on the spectrum)

09/01/14 Autism matters podcast A podcast published by sage along with the Autism journal, This podcast has a discussion between myself and Dr Judith Gould, about women and girls on the spectrum as well as safety.

04/05/01/14 WHITEOUT at hundred years gallery a weekend of events I contributed too. 16/12/13 The telegraph An article I contributed to about famous TV characters and autism

03/12/13 Book review a review about my book from a parent.

22/10/13 EDP online and Norwich Evening Newsa piece about my book launch on friday 18th October
Radio polski ran a news piece on women on the spectrum

17/10/13 EDP ( Eastern Daily Press) published a short article about my trip to City college Norwich’s RUG room. 

14/10/13Rose Robbins A blog post written about me and my art

10/10/13 BBC Radio 4 The Today Program discussed my book and women on the spectrum.

30/09/13 CASS art wrote about me on their blog!

26/09/13 Manchester Evening News – A story in the education section about my forthcoming talk at priestnall school

16/09/13 Hackney Gazette a piece about My gig with Mark Tinley at the hundred years gallery

30/08/13 SEN Magazine – an article discussing education around safety for young people with ASD’s.

26/08/13 BBC Woman’s and Mens hour.

27/07/13 BBC Asian Network 10 o’clock news. I was asked to comment on a story about Jcole and Drake who released a song with negative lyrics about Autism there was a subsequent backlash from the Autism community and Jcole and Drake apologized, the lyrics have been removed from future sales of the record.

12/07/13 BBC Ouch talk show i featured in this with the fantastic John Williams.

01/07/13 Marc AStley Blog Marc is a PR consultant for brain in Hand he heard me speak at Brain in Hands event and wrote this blog about me. 

01/07/13 Exeter express and Echo

01/07/13 Exeter Daily

29/06/13 The western daily news wrote a piece about my talk for brain in hand featured on BBC spotlight

28/06/13 BBC Spotlight talking about Brain In Hand

26/11/13 Rudy Simone reviews my book

24/06/13 east London and west essex Guardiana short article about making a difference 10. Making a difference is a conference run in Redbridge focusing on Autism. This was their 10th year.

05/06/13 BBC online article about Stimming.22/05/13 18:17 BBC world TV

22/05/13 17:30 BBC world service talking about SAP who employ people on the Autistic spectrum.

12/05/13 BBC Radio 4 pick of the week My radio documentary was featured as a pick of the week

Robyn Steward