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Robyn Steward has appeared regularly in the media , appearing on flagship news programmes such as BBC 1's Breakfast as well as Channel 4' news , radio BBC Radio4 Today programme, and online. including her huffington post blog , Robyn speaks about personal experiences of being Autistic , autism is general , asperger's, as well as comment on some research /


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Channel 4 News 14/03/12

I appeared for a second time on channel 4 news in 2012 too discuss a news story about a incident whichh happened to a 16 year old boy known as ZH ( for local reasons) who's family were awarded 28,000 in compensation from the metropolitan police after they dealt with a incident inappropriately  the boy had been at a orientation visit to a swimming pool, had become fascinated by the water and although he could not swim he jumped in , the pool staff panicked called the police, who then try'd to get him out, eventually the boy was hand cuffed at his arms and legs and taken to a police van alone , the boy was non verbal and without his support worker he was unable to understand the police officers as they were unable to understand him. Thee after effects on the boy were very big he suffered from PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder) and found leaving the house difficult.