Robyn Steward

Courses for Universities ( and students)

Robyn Steward has spoken at many universities including UCL ( university college london) , UCLA ( University of California los angeles) and regularly lectures for the university of York and University of east london. (UEL)

Universities often book me to deliver a lecture to students followed by a training session for staff , some also invite and charge professionals to attend the training to help spread the cost , it is also possible for me to work on 2 locations in the same booking.Below are courses which may be of interest, these are flexible in terms of time slots they can fit in.

Autism awarness

A one day course which provides a overview of Autiusm, including some of the academic thinking , autistic community perspective , historical context and practical everyday strategies, giving you a solid base from which too do other autism courses and learning.

Personal perspective for trainee teachers

This talk looks at explaining my experiences of education how this might differ to other Autistic people and non Autistic people, what strategies can be put in place to support Autistic pupils/learners and how to implement them on a daily basis. 

What is Autism

A simple talk delivered by an Autistic person explaining what Autism is both from a diagnostic perspective but what it can mean for a person who gets a diagnosis and their family , and what the lead up to diagnose can be like.

Top 10 tips for...

This is a lively and fun talk which can be adapted for any kind of staff or student groups, it offers a overview of strategies and key points to remember when support Autistic people.

This course aims to help LSA's and TA's to support Autistic students with their life at university , explaining the potential diffcilites and demonstrating and exploring strategies that can be helpful.

Supporting students

University is often the first time students live independently , there can be extra channels for Autistic people. This course helps staff supporting students to understand the scope of issues that may arise and stratagies to support students .

Living alone for the first time

This is a course for trainee nurses , junior doctors and other health care practicinors to understand the potential experiences of Autistic people focusing on difficulties with communication and sensory needs , as well as common co occurring conditions. 

experience of health care settings