Books I have WRITTEN

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The autism friendly guide to periods

april 2019


a book that is aimed at young people who will have periods, but is very readable for those who care about someone who has periods, the book explains what periods are , how they are part of the menstrual cycle and how you can manage them including information about menstrual cups and cloth pads, and photo step by step instructions. There is also a frame which allows you to reveal only one image at a time.


The Independent Woman's handbook for super safe living on the Autistic spectrum was written after  a online survey of 100 non autistic and 100 autistic women , looking at the different experiences women have around safety , 

This book discusses in small junks and with lots of strategies. 

1 Platonic friendships
3 Romantic Relationships
4 Drugs and Alcohol
5 Planning to go out
6 Internet and mobile communication
7 Money
8 Work
9 Emotions


Books I appear in or have contributed to .

Ultra Violet Voices

Ultra Violet Voices is a book published by Autism west midlands, the book features chapter writtern by a range of individual women and one trans man , discussing their experiences on particular issues.

Auti Power!

Auto Power is a book published by Jesuca Kinsgley Publishers , the book is a series of interviews with Autistic adults who consider themselves to be successful in some way , this book can be very useful for parents.

Sisterhood on the spectrum

Sister hood on the spectrum is a book by Jennifer cook O'Toole , who is Autistic as is her husband and 3 children. Jennifer created the popular Asperkids series, and this book looks at supporting females on the spectrum.

Breaking the silence

Breaking the silence is a book which was written by participants of a research project which aimed to better understand the female experience of being Autistic . ( most of us didn't like the title autism in pink), Several of the members of the research groups which were based across Europe wrote chapters for the book, which is available in several languages.

The book is free and can be downloaded from the website below.


Academic publications

Life as a deck of cards

commentary for the Autism journal special issue on women and girls : Autism journal, Volume: 21 issue: 6, page(s): 659-660Article first published online: June 9, 2017;Issue published: August 1, 2017 ,DOI:

click here to read

Experiences of late diagnosed Autistic women

This is a academic paper published in the Autism journal which aimed to try and understand more about the experiences of autistic women who were diagnosed as adults. Click here to read it

S Bargiela,R Steward, W Mandy, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders October 2016, Volume 46, Issue 10, pp 3281–3294

Life is Much More Difficult to Manage During Periods”:

Autistic Experiences of Menstruation is a paper published in the journal of autism and developmental disorders and came from my period research for my book.You can read the academic paper by clicking Here .


Autism matters podcast host

Host for Autism journal's podcast Autism Matters click Here to listen.