Robyn Steward


I want to be a person

I want to be a person not just a talking head! 

On my travels through the Autism world I have met many parents who are worried about their child's adukt life, they are worried that they wont be able to do x and y , I think some parents may have a vision of what their child's life might look like this coukd be a unconsience thing, but many people leave school go to uni do a 9-5 job get married have kids etc. 

My parents once told me you go through a phase of going to wedding , christinings , second wedings and funerals. 

As I have grown older and seen how my life didn't fit with others trajectory I felt rather disallusioned , for awhile my parents emphasised the importance of not hitting a glass celling through lack of training, but none of the career paths open to me intrested me. I had no wish to be a paschologist , researcher , teacher , therapist etc.

I worried for ages that there was somthing wrong with me. But then I realised 2 things

1 Doing Autism training for me had always been about helping non autistic people to undetstand Autistic peopls and vice versa I'm sure a phd in paychology would help me somwhat and people should have more then just training from one person but the strength of what I do is in the experiance of my own life and in what I learnt from supporting Autistic people. I always wanted to focus on listening to the person I was supporting providing practical stratagies if they wanted them . Most important to me was giving people space to talk.

2 I wanted to help teachers understand Autism and put practical stratagies in place .again I learnt most about this through problem solving solutions for a wide age range of mentees. 


I realsed that as fascinating as Autiam is, It was never what I said I wanted to do as a career , I always wanted to do somthing creative or be a IT technican . 


Another question I get from parents is which path is the right one. 

Transferable skills is somtimes used without any sustance ( i.e people say it to make somthing sound better then it is), but yesterday my friend and fellow Hatonaut andrew came over , We were using a amp and to put my keyboard and his trumpet through

Andrew only wanted his trumpet affected by 1 delay effect pedal I wanted to use the pitchshift pedal  

I found away using 4 cables and 2 adapters of allowing us both to do what we wanted and I problem learnt a lot of my methodocal problem solving skill when I was a IT technicam . 

Recently someone commemted on my marketing skills this came from working on computer fair stalls, running a business , working im serveral shops and doing a retail course. 

I did a art and design course and these skills helped me this week designing 2 posters and some business cards. I'm really self motivated . 


I had in my head being a musician was being good at reading music and being very technical . For many it is , but yesterday I filled out a survey from the musicians union about working for free and I realised that when I add up all the gigs over a year I don't work for free much.

I actually do have a contribution to make as a musician and since I altered my focus I have been much happier


Being Autistic makes you a outlier ( like on a graph if most of the dots are in a straight linenoutliers are the ones way far off the line) theres nothing wrong with that but I think the best thing anyone can do is to do as many constructive / creative things as possible . 

My advice is learn stratagies to cope with the social world, and follow interests not just online but in the real world too



Robyn Steward