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When Mark Williams MBE of Heart n Soul ( agreed I could have a 20 minute slot at the unbelievable stage to do what I wanted he could not of known how life changing it would be.

In some respects my life has been a bit rought , I was borm 3 months early , the consultant said utbwas touch and go I'd survive , I was later diagnosed with 10 disabilities ,I was brought up by amazing parents but in a isolated village where I was bullied , I went to a high school where I was bullied ,and teachers were confused by me, I started writing songs very early probably aged 7 or 8 , they were always a bit weird  and one of my music teachers once turned his nose up at them , I struggled learning music and wrote melodic pink floyd esque keyboard layden music ,

I was kicked out out of school with no GCSE's

Then in 2014 I was a amazing drummer with a lovely smile and warm happy energy which touched the audience, His name is Mark turns out he has a degree in teaching children with severe learning disabilities so new about Autism .

The next day I went to a music shop raving about Mark they sold me a jazz book 

Mark encouraged me   and I joined a beginner big band, then I began learning scales by ear , and understanding the rules which act as a guide when learning , suddenly not relaying  on written materials made all the difference.

Mark gave me great advice on many things but most of all he took me seriously .

I went to a benefit gig for the Calais  jungle with people fro the big band and saw James ( sit down , laid , nothing but love) Trumpeter Andy Diagram in his duo Spaceheads , suddenly it all made sense

Disaster struck last June when we had a change of tutor and I'm kind of hard to teach , so there I was again alone.

So I wrote my own EP ( extended play) , and sent it too Andy Diagram . Andy loved it and offered to mix and master it ,

and Mark Williams gave me a gig .

That was almost a year ago I have a band Robyn Steward and the Hatonauts ( 5 trumpets and a keyboard) a trio ( Robyn and the bar steward's) a duo Jazz Biscuits , and I play solo

I've lost count of the gigs I've done since then but it must be getting on for 20

and my life has changed so much

in april Heart N Soul pledged £2000 in support to help me as a artist which is why my EP was released digitally beacuse creative associate Richard Phonix td me what the questions in the forn meant .

Now there is potentionay a opportunity to go to South by southwest a huge music festival and confernce in texas , to speak on a panel to help open doors for disabled artists . If you can spare 5 minutes please vote and share at





Robyn Steward