Robyn Steward



I grew up in suffolk and I felt trapped and that my life would feel like it did then forever . 

I wasn't able to get the independence others had due to my eye sight I couldn't get a driving lience  

But when I was 22 I moved to Londob

I have always loved it ! 

the public transport system works for me. 

Over the last few years I have been working on coping in airports and this as well as the amazing Maria Cook of Autiam Support Crawley was featured on yesterday's pm on radio 4 you can hear it here

However I am also freerer to mix with people who like the same things as me left field jazz etc was not very prelevant in my suffolk  

mixing with the wrong people is not juat about atayibg away from people who want to hurt you it's also about finding people with somalar interests or who like activites you like .  

For me my music and art friends ( this is probably 90%) of my friends has been very enriching I have very few friends fron before I came to london certaintly very few close ones . 

My life is incrisable now and when I visit my parents I remember just how unhappy I was and how the things that made me unhappy then are things I've designed my life to avoid

Robyn Steward