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question 1

Question 2 "should I consider starting a family?"

Question 3 "what kind of partner is best for somone on the autism spectrum?"

Question 4 "What are my (Robyn's) greatest joys?"

Question 5 should autistic introverts mix with people for materials gains ?"

Question 6 "As a autistic person is it best to try and date other autistic people?"

Question 7 " what careers are best for Aspie's (people diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome)?"

Question 8 "was it easier to cope after diagnosis as you had a reason for your behaviour ..."

Question 9 " what are you most proud of ?"

Question 10 "How to inclide more Autistic people in research?"

Question 11 " How do you cope in lodnond?"

Question 11 "what are your thoughts on when a child becomes obssesed with another person?"

Question 12 do you have meltdowns?"

Question 13 " how can I understand other Autistic people from across the spectrum?"