I have lots of experience training PGCE, NQTs, Cert Ed and Social Work students, as well as running non-specialist courses, for example, a college disability awareness week.

“Invaluable resource for any teacher”. Trainee Teacher 

Title: Why Supporting People On The Spectrum Is Important.

Length: 30mins – 1hr 30mins


In this presentation we discuss some of the media representations of autism, how they actually relate to reality, and some key comcepts which are important to understand.

“Thought provoking but still gives plenty of factual evidence”. Trainee Teacher

Title: School From A Person, Not Just A Textbook ( for PGCE and Cert Ed students).

Length: 1hr – 1/2 day


We start off with some personal experiences of school,  some experiences others on the Spectrum might have and the theory which joins these experiences together. We  finish with strategies and tips for helping pupils to achieve their maximum potential.

“Very open and insightful”. Student

Title:  Asperger’s From A Person, Not Just A Textbook.

length: 2hr-3.5hrs


This course is the most popular course I run and it is adapted for each group. It goes over the key concepts in the world of autism, how they affect a young person in the classroom or as a service user, and why. We also discuss strategies that may be useful.

“Very informative + engaging, useful to have lots of mini group activities”. PGCE Student

Title : Person-centred Social Work For People On The Autism Spectrum (for social workers).

Length: 1 hr


This talk, which can be turned into a workshop with more time, is geared to looking at how the personalisation agenda and personal budgets can be harnessed to help people on the autistic spectrum live productive lives. It emphasises the cause and effect relationship in behaviour; i.e. finding out what causes the behaviour rather then trying to stop/change it. If you can change the causal stimulus, you are likely to have better outcomes.

“This session was highly informative, active, well paced and comfortable”.Student

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