a darlik with breasts



Autistic adults release single on world autism  awareness day ( April 2d 2013).


Mark Tinley, past producer of Duran Duran and recent collaborator on the Cuccurullo/Rhodes TVMania project, has teamed up with Robyn Steward, international speaker and autism consultant, to release a single to celebrate world autism awareness day.

Together Mark and Robyn are known as ARRAY


Available from all good digital outlets from April 2nd the single “Space Cadet” tells the story of a bullied dalek who grows breasts, becomes good and flys off to save the world.


What makes the project unique is that both Robyn and Mark have been diagnosed with a form of autism called Asperger’s syndrome.


Robyn says “Mark and I do not fit the stereotype of autism. Mark is married with children andI am a woman.. It is a hidden disability and it is not something you grow out of. It’s important that people know, autism affects adults as well as children. To us, the single seemed like a fun way to express this.”


Mark says “I notice a lot of people who have autistic traits working in the music industry. They are often in supporting roles, helping other artists. They may not always be willing to take the limelight to entertain us, but autistic people can be incredibly innovative. Take Robyn and myself as an example. We aren’t really interested in following the mainstream and we are planning to do an album where we draw on all sorts of influences, from places you wouldn’t really expect, it’s going to be fun”.


The double A side taken from their forthcoming album, features two very different versions of their song. One darker and more melancholic, the other a trip hop – hip pop rendition with a quirky animé vocal influenced by the Japanese vocaloid artist Hatsune Miku. Expect the duo’s album later in the year.


People with autism often have special or intense interests. Mark became interested in music and sound in his childhood and describes himself as a music technologist. Embracing technology in music has led to over 30 years of success in the music industry. Mark is one of computer recording’s pioneers, maintaining it is possible to record with minimal equipment in a simple setting.


Robyn says “Mark and I should not be seen as what success should look like, because success is different for different people, success should be reaching your full potential and being happy, it doesn’t matter what that entails.”


The single will be available from iTunes and other digital outlets from 2nd april 2013

It il be released by the label  Delektra