People often ask me for book lists and resources so here is a list


In april 2014 I did a talk for Brain in Hand in exeter, and they asked for a book list and created a lovely visual version of it, yoiu can download it by clicking  on the words book list>  book list


Andrew Brand has written a excellent guide about housing for people on the spectrum, such as colours etc some of this information may be very helpful for service design too. Click Here


Katie Gaudion  has designed ( along with Andy) a very useful booklet for make sensory equipment from household objects you can download it for free click on read steady make to download it. Ready Steady Make


many of you probably use widget to write things with symbols, they now offer a online service, go to widget’s website by clicking Here


ASD visuals do some great tools including the “It’s ok to talk” and ” leave me alone” wrist bands, go their website by clicking Here


and thank you to brain in hand for their help with the initial list, please see their website by clicking Here


Dr Liz Pillicano has done some excellent work around the autism community being involved with what we research into autism and how we do it, click Here to see her report

I often refer to ABC charts for understanding behaviour, this is a helpful document that tells you about it in ore detail click Here to view it

The 5 point scale is a simple tool created by Kari Dunn you can see the website by clicking here


This is carol Gray’s website she created social stories and along with Tony Attwood Comic strip conversations

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