Over the last 12-18 months I suddenly have started to appear in publications,

so whilst this list is short currently ( circa May 2015) I thought it may be helpful to have my publications listed in one place.


I have written 1 book published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers ( the book is applicable to all genders however the research was in part made up of a 2 questionnaires to non autistic and autistic women, and I am a woman so the information has been written from this perspective, but many people have bought the book for boys/men and found it useful, It is called ” the independent woman’s handbook for super safe living on the Autistic spectrum”


Robyn Steward's Book cover

Robyn Steward's Book



I was interviewed for a book called ” Autie power” this book is made up on a series of interviews about people on the Autistic spectrum. fem across Europe. I think its an interesting read because it gives you different perspectives of life on the spectrum. It is also published by JKP



Ultra violet voices is a book that I contributed a chapter too, it is published by Autism west midlands and is a book written by 15 women on the spectrum about our experiences, I think this is important for a number of reasons, firstly first hand experience is vey insightful for anyone in the autism world, secondly it creates what I think is a realistic picture of autism and the struggles many people on the spectrum and their families face, but it is also very positive with a great cross section of people, and pictures, It is £6 and available from the autism west midlands online shop, which you can access by clicking Here



Breaking the silence is a ebook available for free from . the book is written by a group of women on the spectrum from around Europe, we were al part off a protect to learn about women on the Austim spectrum around europe .

How to create kinder schools, by Jenny Hulme, Jenny met me in London and wrote about some of the work I have done,

although for people who have heard my talks you’ll notice she has taken some artistic licence ,

I am quoted here in Jennifer Cooke O’toole”s book about girls on the Autism spectrum

July 2015, Morley College anniversary book – I wrote a poem for this book.

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