I aim to give hope and positivity to parents; I think the world of Autism can seem confusing and overwhelming, particularly when you first get a diagnosis.

“Robyn’s talk was a refreshing view of life with Asperger’s Syndrome. She is postive and upbeat and shows there is life with Autism !!”Parent

Title: Personal Perspective; Motivational/Inspirational.

Length: 1-2hrs.


This is a humorous, engaging  look at my life on the Autistic Spectrum and work with others on the Spectrum. Allowing plenty of time for questions, the session can be tailored, dependent on the stage of life on which you would like me to focus;  i.e. school, college, independent living, etc.

“Thanks Robyn. Your enthusiasm is infectious”. Parent

Title: Introduction to the Autistic Spectrum.

Length: 2hrs –  half-day.


This session introduces the Autism Spectrum; what it means to be Autistic, how it can affect people in different ways, and how you can support your children with lots of examples of strategies that may be used. The half-day version of this session is more interactive and includes more activities than the shorter versions.

“Thank you Robyn, you made things alot clearer and gave me some helpful tips that I will use with my son”. Parent

Title: Using Art to Explore Sensory Perception.

Length : 2hrs.


This is a fun session, using practical art activities to explore HYPER- and HYPO-sensitivity. We then use these experiences to look at daily life activities and how they can be adapted for people who have different sensory perceptions. Hyper- and hypo-sensitivity will be added to the diagnostic criteria for Autistic Spectrum disorders in the DSM Diagnostic Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders from 2013.

“You have given me so much hope and so much to think about. It’s been totally amazing to meet you today”.Parent

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