Others on the spectrum


I also give talks to groups of other people on the spectrum, and hope to give hope that you can achieve things in life and be Autistic.


Robyn I am in awe of your knowledge and eloquent speaking style and positivity!

I wish I could get you to speak to all the young adult Aspies that I know who have low self-esteem and no confidence, because I think you’d be a true inspiration to them. Anna from the NAS ( National Autistic Society)


Title:  My life with Asperger’s.

Length: 1 hour.

This talk is for any age group.


This is a talk aimed at sharing my experiences with others on the spectrum. I don’t have all the answers to every individual problem, but what I hope I can do, is give people some positive energy and hope that they can be happy.

Title : Live you dreams

Length : 1-2 hrs

Audience : Young people/ adults on and off the spectrum ages 11 up

Description :

This session is an alternative way of teaching young people on and off the spectrum about difficulties  people on the spectrum may have. For those on the spectrum it can be a tool to helping them recognise their difficulties, and for everyone an o[ppatunity to see you can be successful

The session is based around the story of how I went to the USA for the first time and the problems I faced ( Which relate to key areas of autism e.g communication , sensory issues , reading social cue’s and anxiety). The session offers  attendees an opportunity to reflect on what they would like to achieve in their life and what might be achievable now and how this helps in the bigger picture of life. This session is practical and is aimed at children on the spectrum without learning disabilities.

Title : Sensory issues lesson

Length : 50 mins

Audience : Children aged 11 up


This lesson is fun and practical, it involves a short powerpoint presentation to introduce the concept of people on the Autistic spectrum have different neurology to people not on the spectrum and then some practical activities using paint to demonstrate how hyper and hypo sensitivity might affect a persons access to the world and activities around them,


Title : What is Asperger’s Syndrome

Length 1-1.5 hrs

Audience ; young people on the spectrum and off the spectrum aged 9 and up


This short talk is about Asperger’s , how it got it;’s name and what it means.

The jar helped me understand why I feel like I do. Loved the hat! . Person on the spectrum

Title :  Super Safe Living

Length 2.5 hours

Audience : 14 – adult


This workshop aims to help people on the spectrum to understand why they may experience difficulties with staying safe and how they can overcome them, this workshop is very practical and looks at communication,emotions and trust.

Smashing evening, thank you Robyn. Clear,informative,friendly and accessible- loved the interspersing  talk, powering, and group excursus.lovely informative evening. Sharon Scarborough  FAST group [/quote

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