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If my publications can have a page, my Music too should.

I have been working with producer Mark Tinley in a collaboration we call ” Array”)



Space Cadet – April 2013


Space Cadet was our first single, its a story about a Dr Who Darlek ( my own spelling) who is bullied and then a fairy comes along and cast a spell so the darlek grows breasts, but flys away to do good in the world.


Hexigazmel Sandwiches ( May the fourth be with you) – May 2014


This single was about sensory issues  I don’t like triangular sandwiches when I am not wearing shoe sand socks, because my brain gets overloaded) , so I made my own shape up ” hexigazmel”

the B side was a instrumental version of Just sayin it blues so called because Mark write the riff and uploaded it to the site just saying it but it disappeared he e-mailed them and asked if he could have it back, it got sent back to him


Bic Pens and Lucy


Bic Pens is a single about objectification, in a school I was asked how to explain to teenage girls that predatory older men do not have feelings for them, and that their interest  is only physical, I suggested making the issue tangible in terms that a young girl would understand,


Lucy is some real and some made up characters from a club night I played in called Pig Pen.



Aut is summer



Mark wrote a punk rock style riff and asked me to write a song that parents could sing along to about summer here is the result

The B side is a version of just sayin it blues with vocals which tells the story of the triangular sandwich ( who featured in hexigazmel sandwiches)

super safe living EP


Hexigazmel sandwiches

Bic Pens

Defreind- is a song about Facebook and how it is meaningless

Panic Attacks – is a song about hope.


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