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Clearly, those working in front-line positions require different training from those working as support workers. Training also needs to be shorter.

Title: Personal Perspective of Front-Line Mental Health Services.

Length: 1hr



A few years ago I accessed mental health services. This session gives an insight into my own personal experience, as well as the professional experience I have of being in and working in the mental health system.


“A very interesting and informative session, thank you for being so honest about how Autism effects you.” Psychologist

Title: Autism From a Person, Not Just a Textbook.

Audience: Mental Health Professionals.

Length : 1-2 hrs


This course is designed to overiview the key concepts of autism, and then identify how this affects mental health, and how one might begin to build strategies.

“Very Interesting and informative training. Better when the trainer has first-hand experience themsleves, like Robyn!” Assistant Psychologist

Title: Autism Awareness.

Audience: GPs and nurses

Length: 2hrs


This is Autism awareness like you’ve never had before! It’s not just the theory; you have a real live person standing in front of you awaiting your questions and discussions. In this session, Robyn aims to draw your attention to how the theory presents in a real life patient in many different ways, and what one can do to support a patient with Autism.

“Thank you for your openness, it has been wonderful to hear you speak. I will definitely be using your ideas in my therapy”. SLT.

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