I give talks to children aged 5+. This can be in the form of assemblies, speech days or classroom workshops.

“I had some wonderful feedback from the staff and also from my 5 year old daughter, who is in year 1. She told me that she really enjoyed hearing you speak and knew that you had 10 disabilities, one of which was dyslexia! Big word for her to remember and she said she knows it was about not being able to read well! I think its great that you have raised the awareness of other people’s needs, for not only her but for the whole school”. SENCO.Glade primary school

Title: Primary /Middle School Assembly.

Length: 15mins-30mins.n


This is an energetic assembly, which will teach the children about diversity and how, whilst someone might have a disability they may well have different skills, and can be a valued member of the school community.There is also time for questions.

Title: Secondary School Assembly.

Length: 15mins – 1hr.


This assembly is full of energy and gives pupils an insight into the experiences of someone who was bullied and struggled academically at school but became sucessful. Robyn advocates trying your best and following your passion.

Title: Speech/Event Day + Hexigazmel Sandwiches.

Length: Any


This has proven to be popular with children and adults and features a performance of ‘Hexigazmel Sandwiches’, a song about a shape of sandwich, which Robyn invented in response to not liking to eat triangle sandwiches owing to her different sensory perception difficulties.

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