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One of the reasons I became a trainer was to educate people within the education system.  I could see there were many well-meaning teachers, LSAs and other staff  who simply did not understand Autism, and therefore could not fully understand the individual(s) they were working with. I wanted to try and change that. Some of the people who have most affected my life have been teachers.

“Your inset was invaluable to us and several pieces of advice that you gave us came in very useful on Friday, when one of our students with Autism became very upset. Thanks to your advice, we knew how to set up an effective programme of learning for them”. Sarah Hopp head of learning support, Saint Francis Xavier Sixth Form College

Title: School or College From a Person, Not Just a Textbook.


School : Teachers,including NQTs, Heads and SENCOs; LSAs; TAs;Volunteers; Cooks; Dinner Supervisors; Office Staff; Librarians.


College : Lecturers; LSAs; TAs; Security Staff; Support Staff; Office Staff; Librarians.

Length: 1.5hrs.


This talk mixes my own experiences with education and how this can differ in individuals as well as the theory and practical strategies,

“Your talking and photos, I could have listened to you for much longer”. Teacher

Title: Strategies for Pupils with an ASD.

Length: 1-2hrs.

This course introduces the basics, but focuses on strategies for pupils on the Autistic Spectrum and the important steps when building strategies. It emphasises the importance of the cause/effect relationship with behaviour.You could have this after schools or college from a person not just a textbook to help staff to develop strategies for individual learners they work with,.

“Very informative and excellent strategies for working with people with Asperger’s”. Teacher

Title: The Autistic Spectrum; Introduction.

Length: 2hrs.


This course specifically looks at what it means to be Autistic , and debunks some of the myths and explains the confusing jargon that is used when discussing autism. Most staff will of read or heard something about autism, this course helped snake sure their knowledge is accurate and they are all on the same page , This means when strategies are implemented that learners receive a consistent and holistic approach, that takes into account how Autism affects that individual learner.

“The presentation was unbelievable. Things make so much more sense now that I can understand what the Autistic child feels and goes through. Thanks for your help”. SEN Assistant

Title: Autism From a Person, Not Just a Textbook.

Length: full day.


Autism awareness courses are often squeezed into one day, but after 10 year sod training experience I have learnt that staff need to be able to talk to one another about how they are going to adapt what they have learnt for the individuals that they teach and support, the approach for people on the autism spectrum right down to the language that is used needs to be consistent , and if it isn’t this can often mean strategies fail and this could lead to that person not being able to access a particular learning environment. This course allows time for staff to talk to one another and assess how particular issues affect their individual learners and how they can implement strategies, as well as how they might be able to ensure those strategies are aloud used at home. From running these courses I know that there may be people who have 25 years experience in the same course as NQT’s who have not met someone on the autism spectrum this course is well paced and allows everyone the unique learning opportunities you get when you have a trainer on the Autism spectrum with experience of working with young people and adults on the autism spectrum.

“Robyn’s session has given me a whole new perspective on Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, very useful indeed”. Learning Resource Co- Ordinator

Title: Climb Into my Mind; Sensory Perception Introduction.

Length: half day.


This is for staff who already have a solid grounding in Autism who want to start to learn about sensory perception difculities. This course is fun, very practical, and ends with building daily life strategies. This session normally involves paint, so please state when booking if this poses a problem.

“Thanks to Robyn. This really helped in starting to think about the condition and how I can change my professional practice.” Teacher

Title: Ten Things Teachers Should Know.

Audience: Teachers, including NQTs, LSAs,TAs.

Length: 1.5hrs


This talk is designed to give you 10 strategies for teachers but LSA’s and other support staff can also benefit , This talk is fun but aims to give people strategies and information for working with individuals.

“This talk was a great experience; informative and good humoured , an excellent use of my time after school”. Special School Teacherl

Title: Transitions Every Day.

Audience: Teachers and LSAs,TAs (year 3 upwards).

Length: 2 hours.


This course aims to explore how transition happens every day and throughout the day. It reviews some of the key theories in a practical way, and then explores how these theories affect daily scenarios, providing a really different perspective of transitions. Finally, it helps build strategies for overcoming difficulty with change,  including small changes, like from one activity to another, which could cause difficulty through all kinds of areas such as emotional, flexibility of thought and sensory to later changes such as becoming an adult.

An absolutely fantastic talk! Thank you for your honesty and frankness in discussing your educational journey. I’ll certainly be encouraging other professionals I work with to consider transition in the day to day sense of the word rather then thinking of big moves from school to school. Teacher 

Title: Super Safe Living 

Audience: Teachers, TAs,LSA’s,parents and other school staff members as well as older young people (16+)

Length: 2.5-3hrs

Description; This course aims to help staff understand how young people particularly those reaching independence may experience safety issues, and what ca be done to help people on the spectrum understand their difficulties and have strategies to keep themselves safe. This course is very practical with a  chance to try out activities and  tools which you can take back to the classroom and use.



Robyn is a very motivational speaker she has a wealth of ideas and strategies that are embellished but her personal experiences but never over focused on them as she understands how everyone is an individual 

Title Theory of Mind from a person not just a textbook

Audience : All school staff

Length 2 hrs


This course is about understanding in greater detail Social imagination but particularly focusing on Theory Of Mind, which is a person’s ability to see another perspective and understand that people think differently to them. This is a skill which needs to be taught to Autistic learners from an early age and worked on throughout their education. This course will give you practical strategies and time to try them out, as well as information on what theory of mind is and why it is important.


I have been in teaching since 1978 . Your presentation is one of the best I have been to – one of my top 3 and I can;t remember the other 2!! Thank you .  Teacher



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  1. I saw you speak at the TES show and have spoken to my Principle about you and we were wondering if you do college talks and would consider coming to visit us.

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