Tel: 07956511903

Twitter: @robyn_steward

Due to my busy schedule, my training, mentoring, and consultancy services are by appointment only.

I’m happy to answer questions and offer suggestions via e-mail, but I am unable to provide

specific advice for people that I don’t know.This is because without knowing you, I will not

know all your circumstances, and therefore would be unable to advise accurately.

I would be pleased to talk to you about:

  • expressions of interest in my services
  • media appearances
  • general opportunities that help raise the profile of my work to support people on the Autistic Spectrum.

My time is chargeable hourly or per full day or half day . I want to provide the best

professional service, and this requires me dedicating time to educating myself through

training, articles, journals, conferences and research, as well as travelling to you I take an

active role nationally and locally in helping the autism community as a whole.This is

unfortunately why I am unable to do things for free,

when considering fees please bear in mind I have to travel to and from your venue. prepare

your session , design powerpoint slides  etc .


  1. Hi Robyn,
    I truly enjoyed talking with you at IMFAR and think your website is wonderful!

  2. Hi Robyn. Is there a DVD, audiobook or online video of your book for a young Aspie woman I know who finds reading difficult? Thanks!

    • Hi sorry no there’s not, contact my publisher to enquire on if they have future plans to produce one, you can however get i pad’s and other such devices to read to you , most computers have a text to speech function which would allow the computer to read the ebook aloud to you?

  3. Hi Robyn it was nice to see you in Falkirk. I enjoyed the whole conference
    I went to Autscpae 2015 and am currently trying to explore how as a mature woman I can access an assessment
    I wonder if you can advise on any network of women on the spectrum in North London?
    Looking for ward to hearing from you
    Kind Regards

  4. Hi

    Really enjoyed listening to your talk yesterday in Reading.

    You mentioned a book called ‘Kinder Schools’ – Can you tell me the ISBN Number or the author, as I’m trying to buy it, but it isn’t showing up when I search for it on Amazon or Google.

    Thanks very much


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