Every conference is unique, and the best thing to do would be to contact me. My e-mail address is:

“A well-informed and lively speaker; book her!” Head of English at Holy Trinity International school

Below is a selection of conferences at which I have spoken.

Speaker at the launch of the Autism Bill at the House of Commons.

A speech explaining why this bill (now an act) was, and still is, so important for adults on the Autistic Spectrum and their families.

“I really enjoyed Robyn’s workshops; her personal perspective made some behviour make sense for the first time. Articulate and educational!”

TES Education Resource Show North, 

I ran two sessions; on strategies and on personal perspectives.

” Fabulous, Fantastic and Exhilarating! An inspiration to us all!”

Education Show,  at Birmingham NEC

I spoke on the basics of Autism.

“Very entertaining, but very thought-provoking too, highlighted the fact that professionals need to see the child for that child”.

Autism Show,.

I spoke, about personal perspectives.

“Robyn brought a face to adult autism for me! She is a shining light of hope and encouragement”.

Co-chair NAS (National Autistic Society) Professionals’ Conference, February 2012.

I was working with some of the ‘biggest names’ in Autism such as Carol Povey, Mark Lever, Gary Mesibov, Michelle Dawson, Amita Shar, and many more. This conference was a spectacular showcase of amazing projects’ presentations, and I got to introduce the big names, and keep time on the first day.

“Robyn provides good insight into the world of Autism through both experiential and professional experience”.

ISA (Independent Schools Association) Head Teachers’ Conference,

I spoke on school experiences for children on the Autistic Spectrum

Robyn ! So energising + dynamic”.

Speaker at Axcis Education and NAS Education Roadshow, Exeter, 

Here I gave a presentation on Education and Autism. I was asked for a personal perspective and explained how the postives and negatives fitted in with what we already know about Autism.

“Refreshing, you are energetic!”

Keys to Citizenship; Norwich City Council and RIPFA, .

A conference exploring what it means to be a citizen. I spoke about a piece of qualitative research on housing for young people on the Autistic Spectrum.

“Great lecture! Very informative and practical, good examples for tools to use, thanks”

Autism Today, Edinburgh, October 

This conference featured me talkiing about some key points for psychiatrists and psychologists when working with people on the Austtic spectrum that they should be aware of

very entertaining, interesting and enlightening this was proved in the question and answer session, well done Robyn

Autsim through the life span : new york 2009

a large international conference, featuring Carol Grey amongst many others.again this featured personal perspectives as well as how this fitted into theory.

Very knowledgeable about the subject and entertaining

UCLA annual presentation 2008 -2012

in 2011 I presented on “safety on the spectrum ” a presenttaion about the common dangers all people face out in the world, but how they can effect somone with Autism and some tsratgies which may be helpful

I was very impressed with Robyn’s composure and speaking ability the presentation was organised insightful and practical

Southend council education conference 

in this conference I spoke about the importance of respect the diagnosis a young person has received, that there are almost always young people on the spectrum in a school and how they can be incorporated within the school

Be open to what someone with Asperger’s ( an Aspie ) can teach you, you might be surprised!

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