Children’s services


Title: Autism From a Person, Not Just a Textbook.

Audience: This can be adapted for any service, from pre-school aged children and older.

Length: 1 day.


This course is for people who are directly supporting young people or are managing services for them. It will introduce the key concepts of the Autistic Spectrum in a fun and memorable way. You will also learn lots of useful strategies.

Materials provided: workbook.



TITLE : Inspirational Talk

Length: 1 hour.


A positive, upbeat talk, to make you feel good about what you are doing, and get a new perspective. on Autism.


  1. Hello Robyn Steward,
    I am currently working in an all girls mainstream secondary school in South East London. We have a few girls who are diagnosed with ASD and one in particualr is really sturglging to remain postive and approach her learning and relationships in a positve manner. I would really appreciate your input and would like to organise a session with you for next year possibly on an inspirational talk depending on the logistics and costing.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Naomi Young

    • Thank you for your comment I have e-mailed you.

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