My first book is published by Jessica Kingsley publishers
Its about women on the Autistic spectrum and safety.





The book is a practical guide for women and girls * although there is lots that is applicable to boys and men to . The Book is split into 10 main chapters

– Platonic friendships
-Romantic Relationships
-Drugs,alcohol and substances
-Going out
-internet, mobile devices and information sharing
-strategies that are useful in multiple situations


I and the editors and other team members at JKP worked together to create what we hope is a easy to understand well layed out book

this includes

-chapters being split into sub sections so that you don’t have to read too much at once, and hopefully can find information you need quickly

– pictures at the bottom of the chapter pages to let you know which chapter you are in

– lots of visual diagrams

– explanation of things that might be confusing for example the word feedback, and little symbols to tell you where the definitions are

– tables

– quotes from women on the autistic spectrum

-activities to help increase understanding of an issue

– strategies to help overcome issues.

a visual diagram from Robyns book dwepicting emtional build upA chart to help manage moneydifferent types of text e.g quotes,bullet points, defintions


The book was researched via a online survey, and by meeting with professionals and non autistic people too to get a perspective of safety issues,

the book has been peer reviewed by

– Dr Elizabeth Laugerson

– Dr Wendy Lawson

-DR Lynn moxane

– Sarah Hendrixx







I’ve looked for a book like this and haven’t found one that’s this relevant + helpful it’s a great help.

‘Robyn has written a brilliant, no nonsense, straight-talking guide in how to navigate the daunting world of people and relationships – not just the obvious stuff, but the subtle things that women on the autistic spectrum are likely to stumble into trouble with. This is a useful book for women themselves and those looking out for them.’

– Sarah Hendrickx, Hendrickx Associates, freelance trainer and consultant in autistic spectrum conditions, author of several books on Asperger syndrome

‘A woman on the autism spectrum who lives in a big city such as London has perhaps an intensified need for clarity in the issue of safety, and an insight others might not possess. Like the underground system she loves, Robyn Steward has created the equivalent of a “color-coded tube map” to help you navigate a variety of situations. But this is more than just a list of dos and don’ts – Robyn’s intelligent, yet clear and personable voice makes it a compelling and enjoyable read.’

-Rudy Simone, author of Aspergirls, 22 Things a Woman Must Know If She Loves a Man with Asperger’s Syndrome and 22 Things a Woman with Asperger’s Syndrome Wants Her Partner to Know

Robyn Steward's book


  1. How do I order the book ?

  2. Hi Robyn

    great news that you sold out of your new book at the SEN Show 12th Oct 2013.


    • You”ll be glad to know I have some more coming today

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