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My name is Robyn Steward I am a self taught painter, I paint using acrylics on canvas and paint with my fingers and hands, I have Cerbel Palsey which makes it hard to manipulate a brush I am also visually impaired so use bright coloyrs because they are easier to see,I was born in 1986 and live in London, I started painting on my 22nd birthday and have since had work in a few exhibitions ( the vintage festival at the royal festival hall at the southbank centre, oxford house , and mostly recently a group show at the embassy tea gallery in southwalk) I also had my own solo show in 2010 which was covered on CNN as part of their world autism awareness day coverage.

You can download my artists CV Here

Below is some of my work.

Happy Neuron

75 x 51cm


Out of Space Out Of Mind

60 x 50cm


51 x 76 cm

The below piece was in response to the winterbourne view enquiry which investigated the abuse of adults with learning disabilities by the social care staff who were supposed to be taken care of them.It asks if people were just spinal columns brains and eyes would we treat each other as equals.

Anger,Up, Rush,my aching body , earth, treasure trawler and traffic light con drum

80 x 30 cm


The ants and the leaves got lost

100 x 41 cm

This painting  has a story

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Anxiety , Freedom and release

80 x 60 cm

The two paintings below are linked by a poem.

a person in a high state of anxiety

                     Fear,Anxiety, sadness 

           Fear clenches your middlea painting vy Robyn Steward of someone being released from anxiety like a too tight belt,

             Anxiety chokes you unimaginable until felt,

             sadness grips you like a apple carts contents              

falling from a hill,

               LOVE can take away pain for a brief while,

               as someone holds you while it melts,

                  until you learn to loosen that belt.




Strong woman

80 x 60 cm

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  1. Robin’s paintings have the power of the eyes confronting fear, of the inner will to challenge challenging situations, the same that takes life itself as a great banquet of which some want to exclude you. Robin’s paintings say Yes to her unique vision of life, leaving us marvelled.

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