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I spoke at the Launch of the Autism Bill ( now the Autism Act 2009), I am also on the Department of Health’s Autism programme Board, so not only do you get personal and professional expertise, but you are getting training from someone who is at the cutting edge of new developments.

Title: Autism From a Person, Not Just a Textbook.

Length:1 day

Audience: Support workers, psychologists, social workers, managers, nurses, GPs.


The Autism Act 2009 clearly states that all front line workers must have autism awareness training , this course is compliant with the skills4care level 2 guidance

Topics covered include, communication , social imagination, social interaction repetitive routine behaviours, co occurring conditions, sensory issues, diagnosis. making reasonable adjustments.

There is a workbox which goes with this training course

“This was one of most useful trainings I have ever attended”. Team Leader,  Brookdale Care

Title: Supporting Skills in Work and The Home.

Length: 1 day.

Audience: Support staff, managers, social workers, nurses, GPs.


This course is specifically for people who support service users who are in Independent Living accomodation or working towards it. It investigates the barriers which can occur for people on the Autistic Spectrum, when looking to work, live independently, build friendships and romantic relationships, etc. It also looks at how others may perceive Autism and helps delegates build strategies. This course includes a workbook; this contains a record of the delegates’ learning and is added to throughout the day, providing a guide to the delegates’ learning, for future reference and so managers can evaluate the effectiveness of learning and the topics covered. There is also a selection of resources and basic strategies to supplement the strategies which are built throughout the day.

Materials included: workbook

“Very interesting, interactive and informative presentation, thank you for your honesty”. Disability Employment Advisor, Job Centre Plus

Title: Customer Service for Employees Providing Administration Services for People with ASDs.

Length: 2 hours.

Audience: admin staff, finance team members, housing officers, people providing support for people with ASDs.


This course is for anyone writing letters, sending e-mails, or making phone calls to people on the Autistic Spectrum. People with Autism may have great diffculity with communication. This is not always obvious, therefore, it is vital to providing excellent service and customer satisfaction that staff have training in this area. The course will also help staff communicate better with other service users who may have communication difficulties, and raise awareness of Autism generally.

Materials included: workbook

The video was effective,could feel and see how it feels to be in a different person’s experience and mind, also could appreciate what sense I have”.  Library  Assistant

Title: Inspirational talk.

Length: 1-2 hours.

Audience: all staff.

This insightful presentation aims to entertain and inform, providing insight into the life of someone with autism; the motivation to keep going and how one person can make a big difference in another person’s life.

“Absolutely fantastic training. You are very energising as a speaker and your’story’ was insightful and heart-warming. Thank you”! Assistant Psychologist, NHS Hertfordshire Partnership Foundation Trust


Title : My Sensory Day
length : 2 hours
Staff : all
This course is designed to porvide insight, into how Sensory issues affect people on the Autstic Spectrum. It is a practical course with lots of delegate participation, and includes lots of emphasis on stratagies.


…Excellent, I enjoyed every minute of it! Field support worker

Title : Transition happens all day long

Length : 2 hours

Audience : Support workers

This course is designed to investigate what is meant by “Transition”. Why Transitions can be difficult for people on the Autistic Spectrum and what strategies can be used to help people to Transition, both big transitions e.g. one home to another  and small ones one activity to another, can cause stress for people on the Autistic spectrum but can be managed effectively.




Learning made easy, warm and freindly trainer, made you think outside the box .supported housing officer

Title : Communication and behavior

Length : 2 hours

This course is an intermediate course, therefore staff attending are expected to have had basic training, the autism strategy requires that people have appropriate training behavior and communication are key areas that need to be understood. This course covers the different communication people use, and what it could be like to be non verbal. Behavior is normally a reaction to something i.e. there is a cause, however staff need to be suitably skilled to be able to find out what the cause is, what can be done to support the service user better, and what strategies can be implemented.




Training course was Innspiratrional and reminded me that people with an ASD are not so different to me  Support worker


Title: Super Safe Living 

Audience: care co ordinators, nurses, support workers,housing officers

Length: 2.5-3hrs

Description; This course aims to help staff understand how people on the spectrum are particle vulnerable, the common areas of difficulty around safety, topics include communication, understanding others intentions, and emotions.  and how these might be able to be overcome.

This course is flu of practical strategies and activities which you can try during the session and then implement with the people whom you work with / provide services for.

very useful talk very informative but also great fun…! 


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